Crisis Handling

When companies and other organizations are in the midst of an unforeseen event, there’s no time to get up to speed on our industry. Neptun PR are ready to work with your management team, legal counsel and communications group to create and execute the right response for any situation. We’ve successfully counseled our clients and protected their reputations through a wide variety of events including litigation, compromised data, security breaches, M&A, leveraged buyouts plus much more. Unfortunately, a crisis can occur to even the best-run organizations, large or small. They happen without warning and can often have long-lasting effects on your reputation, revenue and morale. Neptun PR can provide your company with the two essentials in dealing with a crisis: planning and action.


Crisis communication is an important addition to your public relations program. There are five things you need to do before a crisis ever happens:


Appoint a crisis team to manage communications


Develop processes for communications


Identify and train your spokesperson dapibus leo.


Pinpoint common situations


Create crisis contingency plans


Sometimes, crises happen without prior planning in place. This is where we step in and hit the ground running. Our crisis communications services will quickly prepare your company to communicate the right information to employees, media, customers and investors. We will help you develop response plans that limit the damage and risks associated with a crisis situation. And if public disclosure cannot be avoided, we will proactively work with you to share your role, responsibilities and resolution with all target audiences.

Most importantly in crisis communications, you must stay on point and stay consistent in every outlet of your messaging to minimize business damage.


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